Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who hasn't heard about Grand Theft Auto IV?

Grand Theft Auto IV or GTA 4 may be one of the worst possible games for young audiences. At first glance it doesn't appear to be too bad. Some guy wandering the streets stealing cars and running from the police. I mean, everyone has played a GTA game at some point. Right?

     But let's look a little closer shall we? A disgruntled ex-soldier, Nico, from an unnamed Eastern European country comes to America in search of fortune and revenge. The game begins with no menu or options screen. Instead it opens with an immediate cut scene of two characters in a very, very sexual act. Not for kids.

    Sex and nudity are prevalent throughout most of the game. The player can visit one of several in-game strip clubs at any time. There is also a feature where the main character can hire a prostitute. This will raise the player's health briefly. There is a short animation of a rocking car and then the prostitute exits the vehicle. The gamer is then encouraged to kill the prostitute and get his money back immediately. Not for Kids.

     Next, while there is limited blood and no gore, it is an incredibly violent game bordering on the absurd. Very few games allow the player to beat old ladies with baseball bats, steal cars, hold civilians hostage, execute said hostage, shoot police, soldiers, and civilians in such high quantities. And I can't think of anyone mentally secure enough to play a game where you can literally murder anyone at will with little-to-no consequences. Not For Kids.

     Finally there is the language. This game is so foul I want to find the developers and voice actors and wash their mouths out with soap. I couldn't imagine more filth coming from so few characters. F-bombs are constant, and I doubt you can go a full five minutes in the story without hearing it again. Aside from the constant curses, some of the characters are so vulgar it's uncomfortable and actually ties back into the sexual themes I mentioned earlier. The rude, boorish, and vulgar dialog is so bad that I cannot express how Not For Kids it is.

     This game is so incredibly full of Mature themes I wouldn't recommend it for anyone save the most mentally sound adults. And even then, I would not promote it. It's rated M for Mature due to Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Use of Drugs and Alcohol. I wish it came with a big WARNING label that read: "NOT FOR KIDS. EVER!" 

     I think you get my point.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lets talk about Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

     The most common thing I hear kids say to their parents when discussing a questionable game such as Gears of War or Dead Space is "But Mom, it's just like Call of Duty!"

     But the question I want to ask: Do parents really know what Call of Duty: Black Ops II is?

     A First Person Shooter (FPS) taking place in a fictional future and several missions in the 70s. The game often portrays excessively disturbing situations, for example a main character is forced to unwittingly kill his best friend.

     I cannot express enough, Not For Children. This game is filled with Foul Language, Blood, Gore, and Disturbing Scenes. The single player campaign has characters being tortured and murdered slowly in multiple levels. It also displays plenty of blood splatters and in one level lots of beheading and dismemberment in slow motion. In another level two characters lose their kneecaps to a shotgun at close range and then one is murdered. And every level is rife with F-Bombs and other curses.

     The popular Zombie mode is quite similar. Shooting zombies in the head will cause them to explode or come off completely in a shower of blood. There are similar effects when shooting legs or arms of the zombies as well. And the playable characters emit plenty of foul language as well.

     Finally the multiplayer. Probably the most well-known part of Black Ops II. And of all three options multiplayer is probably the tamest, violence wise. Characters spray blood and leave bloody marks when shot but there is no gore. In-game language is non-existent but the online voice chat, the ability to talk to teammates and enemies in real-time, is where the danger is. Other gamers, often young boys, spout the worst language and foul mouthed terms you could possibly imagine. And while the player can turn off voice chat, the default setting for the Xbox and PlayStation has it on at all times.

     Overall, I wouldn't recommend this title for anyone under the age of 17. Excessive blood, tons of gore, thoroughly disturbing images, over the top language, and ridiculous levels of violence paint this game as a well-earned Mature Title.